The China Reality is Now at Hand


It is looking increasingly like China’s world wide Corona Virus attack and its manufactured
phony pandemic against the world, specifically the United States may have worked, temporarily.
It has frightened enough Americans into a herd mentality to stampeded many of ’em to
sheepishly conform to Blue State politicians dictaks that we economically must kill ourselves
individually and as a nation through conformity to politically generated fear. Don’t wear a mask,
can’t board an airplane and you may get a ticket or thrown off. Totalitarism is here!

America was actually attacked by the Peoples Republic of China and a Chinese agent (Joe
Biden) was imposed on us to steal our election so the CCP can pursue its design for world
hegemony. China Joe is a bought Chinese agent of influence and America may soon become a
puppet government of China after January 2021. Knowing what we know now, and what is still
being revealed daily about the election fraud perpetrated on us, Americans must prepare
themselves to either resist Biden’s Maoist masters so they cannot transform the United States
into a functionary appendage of the PRC or get in line to join the New World Order.

The changing process of American culture has been underway for decades disguised as
“;multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness.” This means the eradication of Americas history
by removal of statues of famous her’s, politicians & explorers, changing names of schools from
American leaders to Marxist ones, and even attempting to change the names of American
military posts named after confederate generals. It is in reality, anti-white & anti-European! The
eradication will only stop when Trumps keeps his seat and not before! Do I sound like a
conspiracy theorist? Yes, because if we don’t realize the danger, we may be one of those on the
ground. The problem is…”The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a
conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. Edgar Hover, 1958 It exists!

A forced American cultural transformation through our public schools, has been underway for
decades and is now moving at flank speed pushed forward with this stolen election falling apart.
It includes the political transformation that has infected and corrupted our FBI, DoJ and CIA.
Can it be stopped or reversed? If it wasn’t for President Trump, we would have been there
already, stunned, confused and lying supine on the ground with the heels of fascists like BLM
and Antifa’s resting on our necks. To what extent can our Western cultural traditions, once
based upon moral legal and governmental standards gifted to Western civilizations by the
Greeks, Roman and others, resist the transformation? The “monstrous conspiracy” Hoover
spoke of is upon us, here, now, today! What are you going to do about it?
A growing mass of confirmations of voter fraud are coming in daily and most of those
investigations are easily available outside the dying main stream media sources. Look at this
bombshell video for example.

For most Trump supporters this lies far beyond an issue of morality and conscience. If Georgia’s
Senatorial election is also stolen then America will be a stones throw away from becoming
another Venezuela or Cuba. A conservative minority Senate will have no means short of
revolution, to resist the Chinese beast and all its odious programs of population control. It is now
time for Americans to decide if they are going to fish or cut bait! We have a tough row to hoe!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (17Dec20)

BLM and the Coming Danger


By stealth and design, America, over the past five decades has allowed itself to be enveloped in the soothing fog of socialism where its corrosive philosophy has been allowed to incubate in our public schools until ultimately, it has let loose the legions of corrosive thinking cretins, BLM’s, now attacking and burning our towns and cities, indeed our Americanism disguised as peaceful protesters but, anarchists all. The scary thing is that these people are for most part, Americans.


I am slightly confused. I always thought that BLM identified the Bureau of Land Management, a government quasi law enforcement entity to protect Americas wide open spaces and Indian reservations. I was alarmed when BLM got directly involved against private enterprise when they assumed a Nevada rancher, the Bundy family, were in violation of some land use rules empowering them, the BLM, to seize Bundy’s cattle without due process. This occurred under a Democrat government when then House Speaker Harry Reid, wanted the land Bundy used for cattle grazing to sell to a renewable energy company to install solar collectors. That constituted an Executive Action requiring a legal punishment, (theft of Bundy’s cattle), an unconstitutional act, unless they got away with it. They didn’t, and that part of the story died. Also quickly ignored was the singular fact that armed American citizens confronted the BLM usurpers and prevailed.


In any event, we are now confronted with a different BLM, hoards of black clad young, mostly white Americans, organized or not, volunteering for political reasons or for pay, to support the BLM group of self styled and admitted Marxists who are determined to bring America down. 


As this lot runs around city streets and cafes attempting to humiliate dining patrons, it is more an  expression of Maoism than Marxism. In any event, their mission is the same, destroy America. A shocking video interview of a young white male with a plastic face shield truthfully answering the interviewer’s questions, admitted that capitalism had to be overthrown and replaced by  socialism. By his attitude he thought it was an event sure to happen. Where did he get such anti-American ideas? From the revisionists of American history, in the Common Core syllabus indoctrinating its neophytes about how rotten America has been to people of color, to the poor and the undocumented immigrants swarming here for a better life, free of charge of course! 


America’s long and successful exercise in representative government, where decorum between contending ideas, (except for the Civil War period), even with those that clearly flouted the US Constitution, were argued out in the public domaine with a basically honest media reporting the results, not trying to make them. All that has been washed away with the corrupting marriage between commerce and government, the source of the vast pot of easy cash endlessly flowing to buy the votes of politicians. That’s one step away from Fascism, Mussolini’s idea that one can keep his business so long as his business produces what government tells him to produce. 


Nobody could seriously believe that Joe Biden is up 16 points over Donald Trump except CNN who said so. That’s a fear inducing tactic! What is happening is a post Trump Leftist scheme to give us two choices in what government, we will have, Fascism or Communism, aka: Socialism. To Democrats, it really makes no difference because both concepts are Far Left and will only survives under the heel of Totalitarian, protected by a police state. 


Mostly, Americans now live comfortably adjusting to deflation and inflation, lower interests rates and affordable fuel and food prices. That comfort could soon end and Conservative Americans must be prepared for two choices, give in or water the roots of the Liberty Tree. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s get awesome! (06Oct20)

Rabun residents march in support of Black Lives Matter

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CLAYTON, Ga – On a Saturday afternoon in June, around 200 people took part in Black Lives Matter march from the Rabun’s Veteran Memorial Park to Main Street.

The peace march and vigil, as the organizers called it, demonstrated how people in North Georgia were ready to see a change. Marchers walked mostly in silence to Main Street, where they were told to continue in silence until marching back to Veteran’s Memorial Park.

The four women who planned the event all have ties to Rabun County. Three grew up there. Each of them strongly believed that the nation needs to address the disproportionate violence that occurs against black Americans. Before leaving, St. James Episcopal The Reverend Doris Graf Smith said the opening prayer. Everyone also repeated a peace mantra:

“I breathe in peace/I breathe out peace/A peaceful world begins with me/I am peace/We are one humanity/We are love/We are peace.”

Those in attendance received free water and a handout with the names of 72 black Americans who died unnecessarily and next steps for people to take. The “what’s next?” list included calling US Representatives, having conversations, holding others accountable for speech and actions, educating themselves on white fragility and antiracism, finding protests in the area, signing petitions for Black Lives Matter, and donating to protests bail funds.

Mandy Pileski, a psychologist and one of the organizers, stated:

“I think what you see all across the US and in the small towns now is that enough is enough at this point. You know I think that a lot of white people that we’re recognizing that there’s a lot that we haven’t been privy to for a long time. Now these things coming out on video and us seeing for ourselves what’s happening, we’re finally listening.”

She also brought up how Rabun can isolate the predominately white population from people of color. As a result, small-town America hasn’t confronted racial issues like people living in the cities or suburbs.

“Racism I think is imprinted on us in childhood, whether we grew up in racist families or not, just by the fact that we live in a mostly white area. All that we were exposed to as kids was pretty much the news. It didn’t always paint people of color in a positive way.

Pileski works closely with Sheriff Chad Nichols in her role as a criminal justice psychologist, and now, they’re identifying potential reforms for law enforcement.

“Another police friend of mine discussed creating accountability across the whole state, maybe having a statewide database, where these ‘bad apples’ that cross the line, do things they should be doing, it’s in a database. So, they can’t just skip on to the next town or go work somewhere else and keep doing what they’re doing.”

Sheriff Nichols outlined some of the reforms he is addressing in his office during the march’s opening:

“Being mostly absent from social media the past week allowed me the opportunity to reflect in the presence of peace and with absence of turmoil as I sought to understand how the nationwide unrest can and does impact our small agency. It is difficult to realize that any of these societal injustices are applicable in our area, yet as the leader of the RCSO, I strive daily to identify ways that I can make a difference for my employees and my community. At this time, I have planned mandatory biased-based policing training, social media training, and am in the beginning stages of organizing race relations training. Later today, our agency will partner with the Clayton PD to ensure participant and community safety.”

The march wound around to Main Street.

Other protesters stressed the importance of voting if people want to see real change. Republicans and Democrats have come and gone and still, police brutality continues to take place, particularly against those in the black community.

“Without getting political, I think a lot of it really has to do with our leadership right now. We’ve already heard someone say, ‘I can’t breathe,’ and everyone marched and now we’re doing it again. You know what I mean?” said a protester who remained nameless.

Another protester, Amy  Hayes, drove up from Habersham and brought her bi-racial son to the march. She believed it’s important that children see that they can make a difference and felt safe bringing him to this event.

“Racism still exists in this country, and people should not be treated differently because of the color of their skin or where they come from or their socioeconomic status. As a mother of a biracial child, I should not have to teach my child to behave differently in crowds, in public situations, around white people, with the police. It’s just time for a change. I’m tired of people having to live in fear. This nation’s better than that,” she declared.

Hayes also hoped that more white people would become aware of their privilege afforded to them because of their race. “We live in a bubble. We don’t know what people outside of our bubble are experiencing. I just hope that they learn. They educate themselves, and we shut up and we start listening to the people who’ve been struggling for so long,” she added before flipping her sign over to reveal the back. It read, “police reform now.”

An advocate for more training for law enforcement in de-escalation tactics, understanding people, and successfully restraining people, Hayes commended the steps Sheriff Nichols is taking with his officers.

At around 3:20 p.m., the marchers returned to Veteran’s Memorial Park and took part in the closing prayer.

FYN didn’t witness any detractors at the event. Everyone was supportive and law enforcement was present to ensure everyone was remained safe throughout the march.

See photos from the event here.

More Rabun Protest Vigil Interviews

Posted by Fetch Your News on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Rabun Protest Interviews

Posted by Fetch Your News on Saturday, June 6, 2020

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