Coach Jaybo Shaw Resigned From Rabun County Schools

Rabun Co Schools
Rabun County High School is grateful for the leadership Coach Jaybo Shaw has brought to our Athletic Department, our football program, and our student athletes over the past three years as our Head Football Coach and Athletic Director. His leadership and the pursuit of excellence he inspired in our student athletes on the field and in the classroom embodied the vision for Rabun County High School. We wish him the best of luck as he and his family transition to this new opportunity at Wayne County High School.
Head Football Coach Search
The search for our next Head Football coach will start immediately. We will work tirelessly to recruit a new head coach with the character, integrity, and passion for building a championship caliber program that our student athletes deserve and our community expects.
Our goals and expectations for the Rabun County High School Athletic Program have not and will not change. We will work with relentless effort to achieve excellence in every area in which we compete. That starts with winning Region Championships and ends with consistently competing for and winning State Titles.
Interim Athletic Director
For the remainder of the 2021-22 school year, Mr. Spillers will assume Athletic Director responsibilities and work closely with our Assistant Athletic Director, Jason Gibson, to ensure our winter and spring athletic programs receive the support they need to compete for Region and State Titles.
New Region Reclassification from GHSA
The proposed classification and region realignment came as a surprise to us all, but our coaches and student athletes are ready to go out and compete. The change from AA to A does not change our mindset or the expectations we have. Regardless of the classification, our kids are ready to go out, compete, and represent their school with Wildcat Pride.

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