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Press Release, Rabun Co Schools
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Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, Rabun County Schools will ask all visitors to present identification (driver’s license) to be scanned into our Raptor digital visitor management system. This is a District-wide program, so all schools will continue to follow the procedures outlined.

Raptor Technologies has been selected for use by RCSS. This system will require visitors to scan a valid driver’s license prior to obtaining a badge to enter the school or pick up a student. Upon entry into the office, visitors will present their ID to the front desk at which time the employee will scan the license into the kiosk. Using the information from a driver’s license or state identification card, the Raptor system will check the scanned information
against a national database of registered sex offenders, as well as school-entered information on individuals who are not allowed on building property. Once approved, visitors will obtain a visitor badge from the office staff so all guests to the building are easily identified. Any visitor who is not wearing a badge will be escorted back to the front office until proper procedures have been followed. If you are picking up a child you will not receive a
visitor badge after the scan, you will be instructed to complete the normal check out system for students.

*** If you do not have a driver’s license, please bring another form of valid photo ID or call ahead of time to speak with the staff in the main office.

Our front office staff will keep either the driver’s license or other identification of each visitor entering the school. All visitors must check out before exiting the building and retrieve their driver’s license or other identification.

If you have further questions about Raptor Technologies or the procedures, please contact the school of which your child attends or contact the Board of Education.

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