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RABUN COUNTY, Ga – 2020 election qualifying began on Monday, March 2 at 9 a.m. and will end on Friday, March 6 at 12 p.m. 12 local races are on the ballot for Rabun County. The list below is an account of everyone who has qualified through Friday, March 6.

Voter Registration for the General Primary is April 20, 2020. Early voting will begin on April 27, 2020, and mandatory Saturday voting will be on May 9, 2020.

For a breakdown of all qualified candidates thus far, check below:

COUNTY Qualifying

Board of Commissioner Post 1

Will Nichols (Incumbent – Republican)

Mary P. Smith (Democrat)

Board of Commissioner Post 2

Tom Garrison (Republican)

Board of Commissioner Post 3

Greg James (Incumbent – Republican)

Tax Commissioner 

Lauren Benfield (Republican)

Lisa McCall (Republican)


Chad Nichols (Incumbent – Republican)

Clerk of Superior Court 

Holly Henry-Perry (Incumbent – Republican)

Probate Judge

Carlton Hobie Jones III  (Non-partisan)

Cary Brown (Non-partisan)

Board of Education Post Two

Thomas Wayne Stevens (Incumbent – Republican)

Paulette Williams (Democrat)

Board of Education Post Four

Steven Cabe (Incumbent – Republican)

Board of Education Post Five 

Molly Lima (Republican)

County Surveyor

Jonathan Rolader (Incumbent – Republican)

County Coroner

Samuel Robert Beck

Soil and Conservation

William Enloe

STATE Qualifying

District 8 State Representative

Stan Gunter (Republican)

Steve Townsend (Republican)

Dave Cooper (Democrat)

State Senate District 50

Andy Garrison (Republican)

Stacy Hall (Republican)

Bo Hatchett (Republican)

Tricia Lyne Hise (Republican)

Dee Daley (Democrat)

Dan Gasaway (Republican)

Public Service Commission District 4

Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, Jr. (Incumbent – Republican)

Nathan Wilson (Libertarian)

Daniel Blackman (Democrat)

John Noel (Democrat)

Judge of Superior Court Mountain Circuit

B. Chan Caudell (Incumbent – Non-partisan)

District Attorney Mountain Circuit

George R. Christian (Incumbent – Republican)

FEDERAL Qualifying

Ninth District U.S. Congress

Michael Boggus (Republican)

Andrew Clyde (Republican)

Matt Gurtler (Republican)

Maria Strickland (Republican)

Kevin Tanner (Republican)

Ethan Underwood (Republican)

Devin Pandy (Democrat)

Paul Broun (Republican)

John Wilkinson (Republican)

Dan Wilson (Democrat)

Kellie Weeks (Republican)

Siskin (Democrat)

United States Senate – Perdue Seat

James Knox (Democrat)

Jon Ossoff (Democrat)

Teresa Pike Tomlinson (Democrat)

Tricia Carpenter McCracken (Democrat)

Sarah Riggs Amico (Democrat)

Shane Hazel (Libertarian)

Marc Keith DeJesus (Democrat)

Maya Dillard Smith (Democrat)

David Perdue (Incumbent – Republican)

United States Senate – Loeffler Seat (Special Election in November) 

Kelly Loeffler (Incumbent – Republican)

Doug Collins (Republican)

A. Wayne Johnson (Republican)

Kandiss Taylor (Republican)

Tamara Johnson-Shealey (Democrat)

Matt Lieberman (Democrat)

Joy Felicia Shade (Democrat)

Ed Tarver (Democrat)

Richard Dien Winfield (Democrat)

Al Bartell (Independent)

Allen Buckley (Independent)

Brian Slowinski (Libertarian)

Derrick E. Grayson (Republican)

Rod Mack (Write-In)

Annette Jackson (Republican)

Deborah Jackson (Democrat)

Jamesia James (Democrat)

Raphael Warnock (Democrat)

Michael Todd Green (Independent)

Valencia Stovall (Independent)

John “Green” Fortuin (Green)

The Presidential Preference Primary takes place on March 24, 2020, and early voting opened on March 2. The mandatory Saturday voting will be held on March 14.

Here’s a list of all the federal and state races that are qualifying in 2020. If needed, a General Primary run-off will take place on July 21, 2020.

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