Rabun County Sheriff’s Office reveals 2019 statistics

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RABUN COUNTY, GA – Rabun County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) released it’s 2019 statistics and activities, which included 7,603 calls in the patrol division, 1,339 incident reports, 325 accident reports, 580 citations, and 870 warnings issued by deputies.

Sheriff’s deputies also unlocked 396 vehicles, performed 1,149 business checks, and responded to 352 business/residential alarms. Overall, they patrolled 246,298 miles in 2019.

As for the drug arrests and initiatives, RCSO deputies arrested 166 individuals, and the K-9 units were deployed 79 times to hunt for drugs and/or missing people. The Criminal Investigation Division were assigned 220 cases and 170 cases were resolved. This resulted in an 83 percent case resolution rate for 2019, which is up 10 percent from 2018.

2019 also saw the collaboration between community and RCSO to raise funds for new body armor from the Shield616 organization.

RCSO partnered with other sheriff’s offices for Operation Watchful Eye IV in a statewide sex offender registration initiative. They also joined with the Clayton Walmart as part of the DEA Prescription Drug Take Back Program.

A total of 1,255 people were processed through the detention center with an average population of 94 inmates and 20 were transported to mental health facilities. 470 were sent to court. RCSO also continued with its rehabilitation efforts, such as Prime for Life to help those in prison make strides forward toward a productive life once they leave.

The Courthouse Security Division reported that 46,634 individuals visited the building during 2019, up over 2,200 from previous years.

A representative from the sheriff’s office along with someone from Rabun County Schools, Fire Services, EMS, and EMA traveled to Maryland to attend the multi-hazard emergency planning for schools course at the FEMA training facility.

Officers, paramedics, and firefighters also attended training designed to help them recognize and assist a fellow peer in crisis.

Sheriff Chad Nichols also worked with the county board of commissioners to secure funding for the sheriff’s office and other public safety buildings.

To read the letter in it’s entirety from Sheriff Nichols, see the images below:

2019 statistics

Images courtesy of Rabun County Facebook page.

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