Rabun Sheriff’s Office Raising Funds with No Shave November

No Shave November

RABUN COUNTY, GA – Rabun County Sheriff’s Office is participating in No Shave November to support their own Sgt. Watts and his wife, Cass.

The organization is taking donations, accepting partnerships, and support. Anyone who is interested should contact the sheriff’s office for more information.

All participating staff will donate at least $30 or $1 a day to show support for Sgt. Watts while not shaving for the entire month. The money raised will be given to the Watts family.

No Shave November began as a way to raise awareness about cancer. The concept illustrates through hair growth that many cancer patients lose all their hair during treatment.

The rules for No Shave November are simply just don’t pick up a razor for 30 days and go natural for the month. Then, donate the money normally spent on shaving products to cancer research.

The charity event partners with St. Jude’s, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Prevent Cancer Foundation.

So far in Nov. 2019, individuals have raised $437,196 for cancer research either on their own, in organizations, or on teams.

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