Reparations For Former Slaves??


If there are any current slaves held by the U.S. Government or members of Congress or if there is anyone living in the United States that was brought here as a slave during his or her lifetime, those people MAY be entitled to something from you the taxpayers.

BUT, if there is no one fitting that category then there is NOTHING OWED. What happened in the U.S. prior to 1865 is not the responsibility of the citizens residing here now. And, considering that approximately 32 percent of the citizens of the U.S. are black or Hispanic, who would be collecting from whom?

Furthermore, think back to the history of that period. The slave traders would go to Africa and buy people that were already enslaved in Africa and bring them to the U.S. Yes, some were mistreated, but many more were well taken care of, especially when you consider the life they were rescued from. Enslavement of one human being by another is wrong, TOTALLY WRONG. It was never right, but it is history.

And, IF, think about this, IF the slave traders had not gone to Africa and bought slaves and brought them to America, all of those people transported here AND their descendants would still be slaves in Africa. And, it’s not just a black issue, those white children from Europe sold into slavery as indentured servants would still be in Europe. They, nor their ancestors and descendants, would have become freemen in America and would not have the lives and opportunities they have built today. That doesn’t make what happened right, but the people, black, white, Hispanic, Asian etc. living in the U.S. today do not owe anything to anyone. Our heritage is our heritage and you cannot and should not be held responsible for the sins of your parents.

If the politicians trying to make this a campaign issue would spend half of their time, energy and money on issues that are important today, our Country would be a better place. Instead those choosing to bring reparations back into the forefront, candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, are determined to keep race relations boiling because they think it will produce votes for them. Think twice before you vote for someone so divisive.

Joene DePlancke
North Georgia

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