Eight Days in May- Lock ‘em Up!


Eight Days in May- Lock ‘em Up!
What on earth can be the clearest mark of complete delusion except a public confession given freely in writing and on CBS, of one’s own participation in trying to overthrow the government?

Did Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI, actually acknowledge his role as one of the primary instigators in the scheme to depose the president of the US from his elected office? Did McCabe actually admit to his active criminal participation? Does his CBS interview and his soon to be published book, constitute evidence enough to cause his inditement? As documentary evidence, one wonders will McCabe’s book hold a greater or lesser influence on the rule of law than Steels GPS Fusion Report, aka: the Trump dossier?

The deep state criminals in the FBI and DoJ, have spent at least two full years starting in May 2017, attempting to prove President Trumps incompetence to hold office all the while wading in a river of evidence that proves, even to the most casual observer, that the Clinton’s are the worst criminals in Americas political history.

The FBI was motivated by Trumps firing of Director James Comey. McCabe and his cartel of disillusioned bureaucrats were gobsmacked by Comey’s dismissal and thought that Trump was either deranged or was interfering with an investigation. Eight days later, Mueller was activated as a Special Prosecutor, not to investigate a CI case, but to build a criminal one if he could. Here we are two years later and Mueller has no crime to show for his efforts. He has only left a trail of wreckage in his wake of innocent people, Russians he’ll never prosecute and the odd shyster or two convicted on petty nonsense charges of lying while the real lying criminals, the Clinton’s, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Brennan and Clapper, remain at liberty

The initial idea, before Mueller, was to suborned justice by having VP Pence and Trumps new cabinet members to join in declaring Trump unfit for office allowing them, under the 25th amendment, to simply remove the President for cause. But, this has all the earmarks of a third world “coup” against a lawful head of state by disgruntled employees. The evidence had to be overwhelming, hence Mueller’s collusion investigation based on a CI fraud designed by Hillary Clinton.

Had they simply been content to talk about using the 25th amendment to remove President Trump, then imprisonment should be their reward. But no, they actually put into action a cunning scheme to cover Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia and make it look like Trump did it. That merits the gallows. I often say the Democrat Party’s motto is: “admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.” Well, we’re seeing it in action and now, they’ve made it a chargeable offense against them. So, why isn’t anyone being charged? Who’s going to do it and when. Could the evidence reach up to Obama? Will it? Should it, or is all of our federal government so corrupt or afraid for themselves, that even the Republicans hesitate to move forward?

I’m certain of this, if the creatures of the deep state continue to press a case against President Trump before they do Hillary Clinton, then there will be hell to pay. The attitude of Americas deplorable’s is no longer sanguine about double standards. The shockingly communist freshmen in the new congress are of no help to the Democrat party’s hopes for 2020 either. Their whole party is in disarray and now is the time to issue indictment’s. Lots of them. I sense the rats are fleeing the ship or trying to. Did McCabe, by writing this tell all book enhance his credibility or ruin the chance for the rest of the rats to create their story’s of deniability? Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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