• Weekly Word Devotion

    In Proverbs 28:2 , King Solomon points out that with sensible government leaders there is stability. On 12/6/18 NASA launched a space shuttle with experimental worms to study the human aging process. Seriously? Spending tax dollars when faced with what would become the longest government shut-down in U. S. history. Thousands of unpaid federal employees […]

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  • Islam, Here We Go Again – A Warning For All

    Islam, Here We Go Again – A Warning For All Apparently, after a white terrorist from Australia launched a cunningly deadly attack against Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand killing fifty muslims, the “Left” couldn’t wait to try to blame Donald Trump and white nationalism as the cause. That’s to be expected I suppose. They want […]

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  • Are We Losing Our Rights?

    Are We Losing Our Rights? What the heck is happening to American conservatism? Fox News canceled Judge Jeanine’s Saturday show for supposed negative remarks she made that questioned Islam’s stranglehold over women by denying them freedom of speech and freedom of equality, rights all Americans should enjoy. Fox has jumped off the Conservative ship by […]

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  • Reparations For Former Slaves??

    If there are any current slaves held by the U.S. Government or members of Congress or if there is anyone living in the United States that was brought here as a slave during his or her lifetime, those people MAY be entitled to something from you the taxpayers. BUT, if there is no one fitting […]

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  • What Did The Oscars Portend?

    What Did The Oscars Portend? The 2019 Oscars, in the final analysis, was the second lowest viewed Oscars event in it’s history. We know why. The movie industry no longer celebrates a positive America but dwells in revealing a racist America. The skinny little director, Spike Lee, in his plum purple suit, matching soft cloth […]

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  • Witness To Evil

    Witness To Evil In the most shocking vote I’ve ever witnessed taken by the Congress, the Stalinists Democrat Party have thrown off any pretense of being civilized, caring, empathetic, loving or law abiding. They are the creepy zombies who kill anything they touch and if they can’t kill it themselves, they’ll make it happen by […]

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  • The Face of Radicalism

    The Democrat party has gone all in for stupid, as in openly promoting socialism for America that we can already see disintegrating right before our eyes in Venezuela. They are still hell bent on “change we can believe in,” using radicalism as their tool. Americas growing economy, its low unemployment levels, new job hirings and […]

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