Many Americans will find it hard to believe what is documented below. Intellectually honest
skeptics should check sites like Judicial Watch that have obtained government documents
and email exchanges via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits. Fact checking sources
such as Google, Wikipedia, Snopes, Facebook, TV and print media actively suppress or
misrepresent facts that undercut their political agendas.

Other evidence is also presented that has been uncovered by various investigative journalists
that point to massive corruption by Democratic Party operatives (DNC). This summary
concerns the use of the services of officials of a Communist/Socialist government (Ukraine) to
help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election and the cover up criminal activity by many
government officials.

The Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and ‘Deep State” senior Federal ‘jobs for life’
bureaucrats in the Obama White House, FBI, CIA, Justice and State Departments, tried to
and are still trying to remove from office a dully elected president, Donald Trump, because he
is trying to stop such corruption and change the long self-serving practices of government
bureaucrats. In the process, the Trump administration has also uncovered individuals
involved in massive criminal activity during and after the Obama administration.


This is needed only so that the reader understands why it has been one of the most corrupt
governments in the world. Since about 1000 AD, Ukraine has been known as the
‘breadbasket’ of Europe. It has the most fertile agricultural lands in the world and was usually
the prize acquisition of invading empires.

In the 10 th &; 11 th centuries, Ukraine was the largest and most powerful country in Europe. The
Mongol invasion destroyed country in the 13 th century. For the next seven centuries it was
usually under the control of foreign powers.

WW1 – Western Ukraine was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 250,000 soldiers fought
for the Central Powers. Eastern Ukraine had 3,500,000 fight for Tsarists Russia as they were
under Tsarists control.

1917- 1921 – Ukraine fought for its independence. 1.5 to 3.5 million Ukrainians died as
Communist, under Trotsky, defeated Ukraine, mostly by systematic starvation, and it became
part of the USSR for the next 69 years.

1932-33 – USSR Communist dictator Stalin had somewhere between 6 to10 million
Ukrainians murdered, also mostly starved to death, in response to Ukrainian landowners
resistance to give up their private property, principally land. This, the second largest genocide
in recorded history, is left out of virtually all history textbooks, as are most socialist
government atrocities.

1939-45 – WW II – Ukrainians fought for the USSR against Germany; for Germany against the
Russian dominated USSR, and for themselves against both to gain their independence.
President Franklin Roosevelt essentially ceded Stalin all of Eastern Europe at Yalta in the
Crimea in 1945, thus essentially condemning over 100 million to slavery under the USSR.
When it was part of the 15 Soviet Republics, Ukraine produced 40% of its entire GNP,
excluding Russia. In order to maintain its status as a world power, Ukraine is the one satellite
country that Russia could not afford to lose control over after the USSR (Union of Soviet
Socialists Republics) collapse in 1990. Ukraine, in addition to its agriculture, also has
significant gas, coal, iron ore, and other important mineral wealth as well as significant
diversified heavy industry in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, which Russia invaded in


1990 – With the collapse of the the USSR, Ukraine declared its independence and again
became the largest independent country in Western Europe.

1990-2019 – For the past 19 years, the entrenched Communists in Ukraine continued to
control the government bureaucracy, the media, the courts, and the elections apparatus, so
massive electoral fraud by the Communists always resulted in a ‘former’ Communist leader
being elected president until 2019. The plundering of the country continued, mostly by former
high ranking ‘ex-Communist’ officials, many of whom are its corrupt billionaire oligarchs today
. The GNP dropped by 60% in the 1990’s and the population dropped from 55 to 42 million as
many citizens left when they had the opportunity. As in most highly centralized socialists
countries, only a few at the top have benefited.

1991-1994 – President #1, Kravchuk (former Communist Party head). Ukraine gave up its
nuclear weapons in 1994 under pressure from then President Clinton and Russia.

1994-2005 – President #2, Kuchma, also a Communist. President #3 Yushchenko was his
Prime Minister.

2005- 2010 – President #3, Yushchenko, another ‘former’ Communist, was elected after his
opponent, Yanukovych, apparently had Yushchenko poisoned during the election campaign
and the Ukrainian Supreme Court overturned the election of Yanukovych due to massive
election fraud.

2005 – Yulia Tymoshenko was instrumental in President #3 getting elected. She has a mining
engineer degree and an MBA, who, in the 1990’s, became a self made millionaire in the gas
industry. She led the anti-corruption ‘Orange Revolution’ (trained in non-violent resistance),
and had her party endorse Yushchenko as the lesser of two evils.
She had been an outspoken anti-corruption leader who took on corrupt mining and gas
oligarchs previously as Deputy Prime Minister for Fuel and Energy in 2001 and was arrested
the same year on groundless charges and later released. She also survived an assassination
attempt. Communists always accuse their opponents of committing crimes that they have
done themselves, just like Democrats did in accusing President Trump of getting Russian help
to win his election in 2016.

Yulia is anti-communist and advocates for Ukraine to join NATO, the European Union, and
getting the Russian Navy out of Ukraine. She is a democracy loving free market advocate of
selling government owned industries to private citizens. She was considered, not only the
third most powerful woman in the world in 2005, but also the most beautiful, and is reported to
have the most Facebook ‘likes’ of any individual in its history.

2005-2010 – President #3 Yushchenko promised reformist Yulia the Prime Minister job in
return for her party’s support of #3 in the presidential race, then fired her after two years when
she tried to re-take former corrupt President #2 Kuchma’s ownership of a company he was
sold for virtually nothing. That was too much for President #3 so he replaced Yulia with
Yanukovych, the man that had #3 poisoned during the presidential campaign.

2010 – #3 changed election laws shortly before leaving office to make easier for massive
elections fraud so that his prime minister, Yanukovych, could win the presidency in 2010.
Although polls showed anti-corruption Yulia would win the presidential elections by a large
margin, it appears the ‘deep state’ Communists rigged the elections again so that another
corrupt Communist, Yanukovych, was elected president.

2010 – 2014 – President #4 Yanukovych, a pro Russian Putin stooge, was ‘elected’ with 47%
of the vote to Yulia’s 45%. #4 immediately initiated a series of trumped up charges of
corruption against Yulia. She was imprisoned by the end of 2011 where she was beaten and
tortured until massive peaceful ‘Orange Revolution’ demonstrations, originally organized by
Yulia, caused Yanukovych to flee to Russia for asylum in February 2014. Most of Western
Europe’s leadership had been pressuring Yanukovych to release Yulia from prison. Not
President Obama.

2014 – Yulia was released from prison shortly after President #4 fled to Russia. All convictions
against her were rescinded.


2014 – February – Within days of pro-Russian Ukrainian President #4 fleeing to Russia,
creating a power vacuum, Russian President Putin operatives organized pro-Russian
demonstrations in the Crimea, Ukraine. It is on the Black Sea and has had a large ethnic
Russian population since Stalin relocated one million Russians to Crimea and Eastern
Ukraine when he was dictator of the USSR. This was because of Crimea’s strategic
importance as a warm water port for the Russian Navy.

2014 – February 27th, masked Russian troops, without insignia on their uniforms, took over
the parliament of Crimea and captured strategic sites across the province. They quickly
installed a pro-Russian government there. Then they arranged a quickly formed referendum
for independence of Crimea from Ukraine, unsupervised and unsanctioned by the Ukrainian
government, and declared its independence from Ukraine on 16 March 2014. Russia formally
incorporated Crimea as subjects of the Russian Federation two days later, all done while
Ukraine was without an elected president.

2014 – A few weeks later, Russian ‘volunteer’ soldiers invaded the Donbass region in eastern
Ukraine to help a small group of alleged ethnic Russian Ukrainian ‘separatists.’ As

mentioned above, he Donbass region is extremely rich in natural resources and has much heavy

Against incredible odds, the Russians have been held to a stalemate for the past five years by
Ukrainians, despite having almost no Army at the outset of the invasion and no high tech
defensive weapons. The Ukrainian Army had only 6,000 combat ready soldiers at the time.
Thousands of Ukrainians with no military training rushed to the battle front similar to the
American Revolution’s ‘Minute men’ and learned to be soldiers while under fire by Russian

The Ukrainians took back 23 of the 36 districts that the Russian and separatists initially
gained control. It looked like the Ukrainians were going to take back the rest of their country
when an estimated 40,000 Russian troops invaded with state-of-the-art-artillery, tanks, and
other sophisticated weaponry such as anti-aircraft and surface-to-air-missiles.
Within a year, the number of Ukrainian troops doubled and today they have the largest
standing military in Europe with over 250,000 troops in uniform. President Obama (2009-
2017) refused to give any military weapons aid to Ukraine which they desperately needed in
their war against Russia. (Source: the Daily Signal, Nolan Peterson, former US Special ops in
Iraq & Afghanistan, lives in Ukraine.)

2014 -2019 – President #5 Poroshenko was ‘elected’ President on May 5 th , 2014 after polls
showed that the recently released from jail, Yulia Tymoshenko, would win by a large margin.
She got 47.47% to Porochenko’s 48.95%. He was also a former high ranking bureaucrat and
politician under Communist rule who became a billionaire oligarch by buying former
government owned industries under very favorable terms, like many of the oligarchs had
amassed their wealth. Yulia claimed election fraud again. But since #5’s ‘ex-Communist’
comrades still controlled the bureaucracy and the courts, they dismissed her charges.


2014-2016 – Although President Obama refused to give Ukraine the desperately needed
military weapons aid they requested during his last three years in office, he did give them
approximately $2 billion in non-military aid after VP Joe Biden was appointed his point man to
Ukraine. Biden made at least six trips to Ukraine over the next couple years.

2014 – April 16, Devon Archer, former senior adviser to then Secretary of State John Kerry
visits Vic President Joe Biden at the White House. Two days later Archer and Hunter Biden,
VP Biden’s son, join the board of Burisma Holdings, a large Ukrainian gas company, known
for its corruption. Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were each paid $83,333 per month (a bit
over $3 million each) for their no show jobs until January 2019 when Hunter’s father, Joe
Biden, declared he was running for President, according to documents released by Ukrainian
officials. Burisma was also under investigation by British authorities at the time in 2016 for
money laundering and other criminal activity. (Source: John Solomon, investigative journalist
of the The Hill until 10/19).

2014 – April 21, Vice President Biden goes to Ukraine and promises $1 billion in US
government aid to expand their energy (gas) production

2014 – In November, the first billion dollars in loan guarantees from the Obama administration
went to Ukraine, including money to pay political consultants for media, politics, polling,
energy, etc. According to Ukrainian Bureau of Anti-Corruption official, Arden Sytnyk,
consultants paid included: Greg Craig (Obama White House attorney), Mark Penn (Hillary’s
chief strategist), John Podesta's (Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and Obama‘s ‘consultant’) brother
Tony, John Anzalone (Obama’s campaign pollster), Tad Devine (Bernie Saunders's chief
strategist), and Alexandra Chalupa (Ukrainian immigrant to the USA who did paid opposition
research on Trump for Hillary and the DNC with the help of Ukrainian diplomats in DC, and
dug up dirt on Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager for a short time in 2016, leading to
his resignation as Trump’s campaign manager (Politico). According to White House logs,
Chalupa, visited senior Obama officials 27 times in 2016 (Judicial Watch). Many other
Democrat operatives allegedly also were paid for undisclosed services with US taxpayer
funds given to Ukraine.

2015 – It is alleged that the main reason Burisma wanted the son of a powerful American
(then VP Joe Biden) on their board was to blunt the demand for even larger kickback
payments demanded by the new Ukrainian President #5 Porochenko than the recently
overthrown President #4 was paid. One of President #5’s first initiatives was to raise retail gas
prices to Ukrainian consumers. This resulted in Burisma’s profits increasing significantly. It
appears that President #5 wanted a bigger kickback to keep the company from being
investigated for its corrupt activities.
When the Chairman of Burisma’s home was raided by Ukrainian authorities, lawyers for
Burisma went to US State Department officials to get them to try to pressure the Ukrainian
government to stop the investigation.

2015-2016 – Much of the billion dollars of President Obama’s aid was sent to Privat Bank,
owned by oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. According to Arden Sytnyk of the Ukraine Bureau of
Corruption, one of the questions about corruption is where did all that USA taxpayer funded
aid go after it was deposited at Privat Bank? In 2019, both newly elected Ukrainian President
#6 Zelensky (its first non-Communist) and President Trump want that investigated. Top
Democrats do not want that investigated for reasons that will become clear below.
2016 – February – George Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds the non-profit Ukrainian
Anti-Corruption Action Centre jointly with the US State Department’s allocation of funds. You
will see its significance below.

2016 – March – During VP Biden’s sixth visit to Ukraine, he demanded President #5 fire anti-
corruption Prosecutor General, Victor Shokin, the man leading the investigation into Burisma’s
illegal activities, as a condition of the USA taxpayers giving another billion in aid to Ukraine.
Biden bragged about this in a video filmed at a Counsel for Foreign Relations (CFR) meeting .
Shokin was never given a reason for his dismissal.

2016 – April – US Embassy charge’affairs George Kent (who testified against Trump in the
Schiff Intelligence hearings 11/19) , demanded the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office shut down an
investigation as to how US aid dollars were spent, including money that went to Soros’s
funded Anti-Corruption Action Centre.


2016 – May – Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA,Valeriy Chaly, wrote a Op-Ed in The Hill
bashing then candidate Trump, violating international diplomacy rules.
2016 – CIA Director for Obama, John Brennan, went to Ukraine on a fake passport, possibly
to collect opposition research on Trump.

2016 – July 25 – Wikileaks released hacked emails that show DNC leadership actively tried to
help Hillary defeat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. Rather than allow the FBI to
investigate the hacking, the DNC hired a cyber security firm, Crowd Strike, staffed with
Democratic Party activists, to investigate who hacked their server. They concluded, without
giving hard evidence, that it was the Russians. Some computer experts have suggested that it
was a DNC staffer who supported Bernie Saunders who downloaded the incriminating emails
on a memory stick, and gave it to Wikileaks. The DNC staffer got a bullet in the back of his
head while walking down the street in Washington DC a few weeks after the discovery of the
hacking. Although no money or personal effects were stolen, police said it was probably a
robbery gone bad.

2016 – Judicial Watch (JW) recently (11-19) obtained emails via FOIA requests that show that
State Department officials met with former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, the
alleged creator of the fictional anti-Trump Steele Dossier which the basis of the two year
Mueller investigation. The Dossier was paid for by Fusion GPS, a opposition research
consulting firm which was funded by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary’s
presidential campaign. Fusion GPS paid Steele $170,000 and Nellie Ohr $44,000 (wife of
Bruce Ohr, then #3 in the Justice Department and Director of the Transnational Organized
Crime Division). Also after she met with Steele, then Obama Assistant Secretary of State,
Victoria Nuland, sent classified documents to the Russian Embassy on behalf of Steele.
Nuland is reported to talk to George Soros weekly. Steele was also on FBI’s payroll when
James Comey was its head, documents show.

2016 – August – Once Trump won the primaries, President Obama appointed Marie
Yovanovitch US Ambassador to Ukraine (one of Adam Schiff’s so called witnesses). Recently,
Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukraine’s top government anti-corruption prosecutor, stated that Ambassador
Yovanovitch had given him VERBALLY a "do-not-prosecute" list, which included George
Soros, Hunter, and Joe Biden, and that she was interfering in his ability to combat corruption
in Ukraine. Also she refused to give visas to Ukrainians who wished to go to the USA to testify
to the Department of Justice (DOJ) under oath about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 US
elections on behalf of Hillary and the DNC. So has the present Ambassador Taylor, another
witness of the Schiff hearings.


2017- Upon taking office, President Trump gave the military hardware aid to Ukraine that
President Obama had refused since the Russian invasion in 2014.

2018 – May – Then House of Representatives Rules Committee Chairman, Pete Sessions,
sent an official letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking that Ambassador Yovanovitch

be recalled from Ukraine for reasons that later became obvious, almost a year before
President Trump dismissed her.

2018 -November – Months before Joe Biden announced he would he running for President,
President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudi Giuliani, went to Ukraine and started obtaining
written depositions from Ukrainian government officials concerning Democrat interference in
US elections in 2016 presumably because he was told that they were being denied visas to
come to the USA. Giuliani’s focus was concerning Ukrainian government officials illegal
involvement in helping concoct opposition research against Trump when he was running for
President, including the fake Steele Dossier.

2018 – December 12 – A New York Times article reported that a Ukrainian court ruled that
some Ukrainian officials were found guilty of helping the Democrat Party and Hillary in 2016
with opposition research against Trump. They also acknowledged that Ukrainian
parliamentary member Sergey Leshchenko and anti-corruption director Artem Sytnyk
released information in an ongoing investigation of Paul Manafort that amounted to an
improper interference by Ukraine’s government in the 2016 USA presidential election,
presently suspended on a technicality. Also the fake Steele Dossier used to launch the two
year special counsel investigation of alleged Russian collusion with Trump appears to have
had help from the ‘former’ Communist Ukrainian oligarch billionaire President #5
Porochenko’s government to help fellow Socialist minded Democrat Party leaders and Hillary
Clinton’s quest for the presidency.

2018 – 2019 – Emails were obtained by Judicial Watch through FOIA requests between

Obama Administration officials:
1) Lisa Page, the FBI attorney who worked for the FBI # 2 man, Andrew McCabe.

2) Andrew McCabe (fired for lying to the Judiciary Committee) was then #2 to FBI Director

3) James Comey, FBI Director

4) Peter Strzok, who led the FBI investigation of Hillary’s unsecured emails and Ukrainian
interference, also terminated for cause.

5) Bruce Ohr, former head of the Transnational Organized Crime Division at the Justice
Department who was relieved of his job for conflict of interest. It is believed he used his
position to help launder the Steele Dossier through his wife Nellie’s employer.

6) Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that helped write and/or
launder the fake Steele Dossier.

The emails appear to show that high ranking Justice Department and FBI officials were
working together to help Hillary avoid criminal prosecution and hide the origins of the Steele
Dossier. It also appears that under President Obama, James Comey, FBI head, John
Brennan, CIA head, Susan Rice, National Security Adviser, Victoria Nuland, Asst Secretary of
State, and James Clapper, Head of Homeland Security, all had involvement in hiding
Ukrainian involvement in trying to help Democrats and Hillary defeat Trump in 2016.
2019 – March – The Burisma investigation was reopened in Ukraine based on new evidence
of money laundering and in May it was expanded to include theft of Ukrainian government
funds (Source: John Solomon, The Hill).

2019 – April – The Mueller Report found no evidence of a Trump connection to the Russians,
but there was plenty of evidence of ‘ex-Communist’ Ukrainians helping Hillary and the DNC
which they did not pursue. The Mueller Report was based on the opinions of the 19
Democratic attorneys close to Obama and Clinton who did the investigation. Further, the man
who replaced Shokin as Prosecutor General, Yuriy Lutsenko, wrote that the majority of
Ukrainian officials were for Hillary in 2016.

2019 – April – The Ukraine Embassy in Washington DC issued a statement admitting having
helped DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa try to find dirt on Trump to hurt his election in
2016. Fiona Hill, former National Security Council (NSC) staffer under Trump, confirmed this
in her Schiff hearing testimony on 11/8/19. Fiona Hill worked for Strobe Talbot at the left wing
Brookings Institute prior to joining the White House NSC staff and is a Soros devote.

2019 – April 21 – Ukraine elects its first non-Communist President #6 Zelensky, a popular
comic/actor, who won the presidency even though polls showed that Yulia would win. She
came in third against Porochenko and Zelensky in the preliminaries after one of her allies said
he would drop out of the race, but did not, diluting her vote. (The author thinks that the
Ukrainian Deep State realized that the corrupt President #5 Poroshenko had no chance of
winning re-election so they rigged it so that the popular sit-com star with no government or
administrative experience would win, since Yulia was very capable and knowledgeable of the
who’s who of corrupt Ukrainian bureaucrats.)

2019 – August – Newly appointed Ukrainian Prosecutor General Rusland Ryaboshapka
expanded the criminal investigation into Burisma, partially to see if President #5,
Poroshenko’s government did anything improper, including money laundering.

2019 – October – Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch coordinated her testimony with Democrats
before going before the Adam Schiff House Intelligence Committee secret hearing where only
House Intelligence Chairman Schiff allowed only himself to chose all ‘witnesses.’
Yovanovitch, one of the twelve ‘hearsay’ witnesses called by Schiff for the public show
hearings, has been active in giving US taxpayer money to fund George Soros backed
organizations like Open Society Foundation, Freedom House, and the National Endowment
for Democracy. These organizations, among other things, train people to initiate chaos and
riots, and are used to identify like minded Globalist to get into key government positions who
support their ideas, especially when a power vacuum occurs and there is regime change.
They have also helped set up ‘leaderless’ thug organizations like ‘Antifa’ to destabilize
Western democracies.

At the November 15 th hearing, early on, Ambassador Yovanovitch testified that she was
unaware of the video of Joe Biden demanding Ukrainian President #5 fire anti-corruption
Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Viktor Skokin who was investigating Burisma and Hunter
Biden as a condition of USA aid to Ukraine. Later in her testimony she admitted she was
briefed on it prior to her confirmation hearings.

Yovanovitch was removed as US Ambassador to Ukraine, in part, because Ukrainian officials
said she was interfering with their corruption investigations (including the Soros controlled
NGO’s embezzling funds). Also former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Lutsenko said
Yovanovitch gave him VERBALLY a list of people (including the Bidens) and organizations

(including Soros funded ones) NOT to investigate. She denied this. Lastly, he said that
Ambassador Yovanovitch “controlled” two units that were supposed to report to him, the
Ukrainian Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office (NABU) and the Specialized Anti- corruption
Office (SAP), the latter of which investigations of public figures. It was established by George
Kent, another State Department official who testified his misgivings about President Trump in
the Adam Schiff ‘no real witnesses’ impeachment hearings.

Upon  monitoring investigative reporters, like John Solomon, EVP at The Hill until October, 2019,

Ryan Saavedra (The Daily Wire), and Sara Carter (Fox News), on government time because it was illegal.

Other names monitored included Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Sebastian Gorka, and Lou Dobbs. All have
exposed Democrat corruption and colluding with corrupt former Ukrainian officials from 2014
to 2019. Prior to joining the State Department Yovanovitch worked for the leftist Brookings
Institute. It’s President, Strobe Talbot, was Bill Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State, and a
major architect of Clinton’s globalist policy. Yovanovitch, like other Schiff's ‘witnesses,’ are
Deep State leftist.

2019 – November – President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudi Giuliani sent a letter to Senator
Lindsay Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, with depositions of three
Ukrainian witnesses to Biden family involvement with brides and money laundering. Also, he
gave evidence that present Ambassador to Ukraine Taylor has continued, like Yovanovitch, to
not give visas to Ukrainians wanting to come the the USA to testify under oath about their
knowledge of the Biden's, US Embassy staff, other Democrats, colluding against Trump. The
Ukrainian officials sent affidavits to the US Attorney’s office last year and never received any
responses, so they do not trust our Justice Department officials. Also former attorney General
of Ukraine, Shokin, said Marie Yovanovitch’s predecessor, Ambassador Pyatt told him to
“white gloves” (do nothing) on the investigation on Burisma. Shokin has also stated that
$900,000 was sent to Rosemont Seneca Partners (owned by Hunter Biden and Devon
Archer). The entry on the Ukrainian books said “Services rendered for lobbying by Joe Biden.”
(John Solomon)

Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General (2016 to August 2019) replaced Shokin after Joe
Biden’s threat of withholding a billion dollars of credits to Ukraine in 2016 if Shokin was not
fired, told Giuliani that Ukraine has two secret units established by George Kent (another
Schiff ‘witness’) then Deputy chief in the USA Embassy in Ukraine, are “protected’ from any
oversight by the Ukrainian government.

In summary, the evidence suggests that Hillary Clinton, and President Obama’s key
administrative people were working together with corrupt ex-Communist/Socialist government
officials in Ukraine in 2016 to help hide their corrupt actions and partisan political activities
against their political opponents, principally Donald Trump. Attorney General Barr’s trips to
the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia appear to suggest that the Obama administration was
working with key like minded people in other governments for the same purpose. Ample
evidence exists that the Obama administration weaponized the State Department, FBI, CIA,
Homeland Security, and the IRS to destroy their ideological opponents and hide their own
misdeeds. This is why it appears that Democrats in Congress are spending their time and
energy trying to find a reason to impeach President Trump rather than address any
legislation. Many Democratic Party operatives face potential jail time if they are not successful
in eliminating President Trump. Their kangaroo court hearings have a lot in common with the

USSR show trials of the 1930’s in that the accused was not allowed to defend himself or
present witnesses. The evidence is overwhelming that some Democratic Party leaders, senior
members of the Federal government, Hillary Clinton, and former Ukrainian government
officials, with the willing help of most of our mass media, conspired to keep President Trump
from being elected in 2016. Lastly, many are still trying to find a way to force him from office
and/or make sure he is not re-elected. It is a conspiracy.

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